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Telling My Story

Amber is passionate about sharing her stories to inspire and encourage women to boldly stake claim to their identity to fulfill their passion and purpose today. We each have been given a story and she believes that we were entrusted those storylines for a purpose. Amber primarily speaks at churches, events and retreats in Washington state, but she has been known to say yes to traveling adventures.

Who Am I

Loved, Accepted, Worthy, Enough in Him, Forgiven, Beautiful, Chosen, Daughter of the One True King. These are just a few of things that God’s word says we are. A few years ago I experienced a major identity crisis. My life wasn’t going the way I planned. I let the...

The ministry set before you

  Each of us in the Lord has been designated a special task. Sometimes, I get caught up in what I think ministry should look like, or what role I think I should be filling right now, or the perfect timing. I can get trapped in not doing anything at all just...

Hulk Mama

Today, we take a tea break. It’s been a day of fiery emotions and heels dug deep in the sand. Every moment has felt like an uphill battle. As I felt the hulk in me rising, I took a deep breath and as I drew that breath I repeated the words I read, wrote, prayed,...

Mamma is not the super glue

Do you ever feel the weight of having it all together? Like you are the glue that binds the things? Maybe it’s the household, the business, your position at work, your marriage, your friends circle, the PTA, or your ministry? Or maybe it’s all of it. Sometimes, I feel...

Being Brave is Hard

Will you walk in Him even when it’s the less popular choice? Even when it’s hard? Will you dare to walk different? Too often we choose the popular vote, the easy route, or the fun way over the right way. I know I hesitate to walk the difficult path over the more...

Truth Bombs from Jesus

Happy Monday friends! Today I feel like God just plopped a truth bomb in my face. I’m always blown away how such a simple sentence can make such a profound impact. Our relocation has been a wild ride of circumstances and emotions. I often times struggle with our new...


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