Behold! The new has come.

Behold! Be amazed! The new has come. This brought me back to the me I was a long time ago. I get to be amazed all over again. I was angry and rebellious and looking to the world to fill the holes in my heart. 16 years ago I could feel God chasing me down, relentlessly pursuing me, showing me what real love looked and felt like. Behold. Be amazed. I don’t want to forget where I was, where I am or where I am going. Although, I feel like the biggest transformation was in the beginning, there is still regularly something new to behold that comes as I continue to walk and grow in my faith. What “new thing” are you amazed by in your journey recently? What “new thing” can you look back and be amazed by and thank the Lord for, today?#bornagainbrand #yourstorymatters #beholdthenewhascome#2corinthians517 #ambersjournal #illustratedfaith #wednesdaywisdom