Colossians 2:6-7

Will you walk in Him even when it’s the less popular choice? Even when it’s hard? Will you dare to walk different? Too often we choose the popular vote, the easy route, or the fun way over the right way. I know I hesitate to walk the difficult path over the more comfortable one. I let my emotions dictate my walk over letting the Spirit guide and direct my moves. Being brave is hard. The right choice is very rarely the easy one. As my kids are growing up I see more and more how many times we are given the choice to walk as we have been taught versus how others think we should walk. The pressure is real and it’s all around us. I want to walk the walk in all of the spaces of my life. Making room to study God’s word helps me stay rooted in the Spirit. It’s the strength I need to choose the hard way and it’s the wisdom I need to discern which way to walk. Where do you feel the pressure between walking in your faith and walking in the world? #bornagainbrand #thursdaythoughts#colossians #walkinHim #aliveinChrist #dailydevotion