Tea Time!

Today, we take a tea break. It’s been a day of fiery emotions and heels dug deep in the sand. Every moment has felt like an uphill battle. As I felt the hulk in me rising, I took a deep breath and as I drew that breath I repeated the words I read, wrote, prayed, traced and colored. “Amber, whatever you do today, in words or deeds, do all of it the name of Jesus.” You see, all week I have been barking orders, or silently going about my day begrudgingly. Every attitude over chores, every mess left untouched, every assignment he fought, the dinner, the dishes, the clean laundry piled high just waiting for anyone to come claim it, the groceries, the sibling spats, the pups that keep stealing the neighbors bird feeders and piddling in the house, the husband that wore his muddy shoes through the house… all of it was getting under my skin. You could see it on my face, hear it in my voice, you could feel it in the air. Today, I choose to remember whose I was and who I am. The day I said yes to Jesus is the same day I chose to “put off the old self and put on the new.” What I have learned throughout the years is that isn’t a one time deal. It is a daily choice. When the things are not going the way I would hope will I choose Hulk Mama or will I choose compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, forgiveness, self control and above all else love? I want the peace of God to rule in my heart. So today we take a tea break. We put on some music. We nibble on some animal crackers and we unravel the ugly knots that have our hearts all tied up. The list may not get fully tended to but our hearts will and we will be better for it. Today, I sing a song of thankfulness rather than harboring bitterness. . In what areas do you feel like maybe you need to choose to put off the old you and put on the new? Are you chasing life with the heart that chooses to move in the name of Jesus or does bitterness have you tied up in knots? Jesus, my heart feels as messy as my home today, please help me focus on you.