Iron Sharpens Iron

As I read the Bible, I see a consistent theme of relationship sewn through its pages, the relationship of a loving Father pursuing His children, the relationship of these children responding to Him, and the relationships of those children interacting with each other. I believe we were designed for relationship. We were designed to walk with God, to speak with Him, to constantly grow closer to Him, but we were not designed to do it alone.
He has asked us to link together (body) in His design (relationship), under His leading (head), with a heaven-sent empowering (Holy Spirit). When we are obedient to His call, we are positioning ourselves to see His miraculous works of healing, His heartfelt compassion, His peace beyond comprehension, and His fullness of joy flow through us and spread like a wildfire to those we encounter.
As we go back to our verse for the week, I believe we see that God’s desire is for us to touch the life of EVERY person He has strategically placed along our path.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another.

The call is from one man to another, from me to whoever I am in contact with. Too often, I try to put God into the box I have designed for Him, only to find out I still have a lot to learn about how boundless, how limitless, and how endless His love really is. Whether we are talking about people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, people who have heard this gospel but bear no evidence of His fruit in their life, or the mature believer who has walked with the Lord for 34 years, my God has come to show me that His desire is for ALL of us to walk closer with Him, to be in a position to know Him more intimately, and that we make EVERY connection with others an opportunity for Him to pour more of Himself out upon us.
He is the creator and sustain-er of all, He holds everything together, and He is in need of nothing, BUT His desire is to empower us with His Spirit so we can join Him in showing this world His light. It is only when we surrender our own will and hold fast to His love that we find the strength to gently, gracefully, and lovingly train our children, to love our spouse whole heartedly, submit to another, restore a brother or sister in their walk with Christ, build others up with our words, offer forgiveness when it is not asked for, offer a gentle word in response to another’s anger, bear each other’s burdens, love our neighbor as ourselves, remain by someone’s side in their time of need, or simply offer a stranger a smile…… This is the kind of connection that shares the love of Christ with a world that desperately needs it. This is the strategic, intentional contact that invites the Holy Spirit to flow through us as we walk down the path He has planned for us.