When peace feels far away, when the noise, the fast pace, the difficult moments rise up and cause anxiety we have some tools in our belt. God’s word has so much to offer us and today I feel like this little bit right here is the recipe for peace. I don’t believe that peace is our natural state but it is something God desires for us. But we have to seek it and pursue it. Psalm 34:14… I remember a long time ago looking at Philippians 4:6-7 thinking what a crock! It’s too simple yet too hard all at the same time. The words REJOICE, THANKSGIVING and PRAY were the words that stood out in bold. They were shouting at me from the page. I was desperate. As much as I didn’t believe it could work for me, I was willing to try. It wasn’t an overnight miracle. It was however the beginning of something new for me. God’s word became more than a to do check mark or a routine, it became my very breath. It became something I craved. The more I filled up on God’s word the easier this passage became for me to relate to and implement. The more it became truth in my life. The more I could see the promise was for me. Counting my blessings and offering thanksgiving became a regular part of my life, not a seasonal ritual. With it my heart posture shifted. I was able to see so many blessings that I was blind to. Even some of the most painful and difficult things that had been weighing me down had gifts tucked inside. Anxiety took a backseat to rejoicing and my prayers shifted from a desperate monologue to a sweet dialog. Peace is possible. In all things. But we have to intentionally go out on a limb and seek it… I love how the Bible adds “and pursue it!” Pursue it. Keep going. Don’t stop. Always moving toward it. Don’t get caught up in those big bold words that seem impossible and do what I did and glaze right over the promise in the next verse: “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding WILL guard your hearts and your minds…” Phil: 4:7. Lean in to the promise. #bornagainbrand #peace#philippians #tuesdaytruth #bibledevotion #ambersjournal #rejoice #pray#thanksgiving #godspromises #journalingbible