The ministry set before you

Each of us in the Lord has been designated a special task. Sometimes, I get caught up in what I think ministry should look like, or what role I think I should be filling right now, or the perfect timing. I can get trapped in not doing anything at all just because this thing isn’t going the way I planned it or I have filled up my time with so many other things that I haven’t left room to serve. I am reminded today that I have been called to fulfill the ministry that I have received in the Lord, not necessarily what is fun, comfortable, timely, easy, or exciting. I’m not saying we don’t get those opportunities, but sometimes we have quiet behind the scenes roles. This season looks different than I thought it would but I still have a ministry to fulfill right here and right now and no role designated by God is too insignificant.

Sometimes the quiet, behind the scene roles are preparing us for plans we never dreamed of. A man named Nehemiah was a simple cupbearer to the king, but his position and His willing heart to be used by God put him in the position to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Where do you feel God calling you to fulfill a role or task for Him?

Father, help me see the tasks you have set out for me to fulfill in a new light with a willing heart. I want to be diligent in completing the work you have set before me.