Truth Bombs

Happy Monday friends!
Today I feel like God just plopped a truth bomb in my face. I’m always blown away how such a simple sentence can make such a profound impact.

Our relocation has been a wild ride of circumstances and emotions. I often times struggle with our new reality. We went from hustle and bustle to the road less traveled. We left a thriving business and ministry to start a new life. For months I have let our current position make me feel like I don’t have the time or resources to fulfill any kind of ministry role. I used to hear women say they hadn’t found their purpose or they didn’t have time or resources to serve. Lately I catch myself not saying it but acting that way.

Scripture is clear about this. God can use us right where we are but we have to stop making excuses. We have been called; each and everyone of us that has a personal relationship has been called to share that relationship in every circumstance and every encounter right where we are. We don’t need a venue, we don’t need money, we don’t need more time, we don’t need a nicer home, we don’t even need a plan or a speech… we need willing hearts to share where we were and where we are because of God’s love and grace.

Where does God have you and how can you use where you are and what you have in this very moment to share God’s message? Have you been waiting for perfect conditions? Let’s pray to make every moment an opportunity to serve by sharing what we have right now, right where we are.
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