Who Am I

Loved, Accepted, Worthy, Enough in Him, Forgiven, Beautiful, Chosen, Daughter of the One True King. These are just a few of things that God’s word says we are. A few years ago I experienced a major identity crisis. My life wasn’t going the way I planned. I let the loudness of my failures and perceived failures define me. I felt like things big and small rocked my world daily. Shook me up. Our identity in Christ is solid. It doesn’t change with our seasons or circumstances. This past weekend at a women’s event we were asked what gets in the way of accepting our identity. I don’t know about you, but I know my identity in Christ. The problem is I don’t always wear it, own it, accept it, live IN it. The hustle of life can bury my truth in busyness. The noise of life can fill my head and my heart with lies that I don’t capture and turn over to God. I start to wear what the world and my circumstances say I am, I let that define me and that leaves me exposed and vulnerable to weakness, weariness and strife. Let’s use God’s word to speak life to ourselves; to own who God says we are, not who this life or world tries to tell us we are or are not. My good friend Steph has us speak out loud in the mirror these truth each morning. She also proclaims them for us! What a gift! It’s been transformative for me to hear God’s word proclaimed over my life. Eventually I started wearing more and more of my God given identity. The world and the hustle got quieter and less invasive. It’s still there, I still struggle but goodness, I feel more like I can walk freely in the true me than ever before. What identity are you struggling to put on? What’s getting in the way of owning your identity in Christ this week? #bornagainbrand #whoami#identityinchrist #ambersjournal #sayitoutloud #morningdevotion#biblejournaling #coffeeandjesus #mondaymotivation#womenencouragewomen #hopedealers